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“Saved from the Flames and Waves, and Shall be from Sins”

A Christian wife, whose husband was an officer on a Mississippi steamer (which was burned), as she prayed that her husband would be preserved and saved, not knowing of the disaster, was assured that his life would be spared and that he would be saved.

When, the day following, she received a telegram, stating that her husband had perished, she folded it and said: “It is not so. He is saved from the flames and waves, and shall be from his sins.” A few days later he arrived at home, and was soon converted. The faith of this Christian wife, after praying earnestly, was of the

same nature as the faith of Luther, who, after praying nearly all night, with some of his friends, exclaimed: “Deliverance has come! Deliverance has come!”

Rev. S.A. Keene, in Prevailing Prayer

Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to Prayer - 1893

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