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The Lord's Way of Sending Help

A few years ago we were led out to pray for means to make a payment on our home, in Grand Rapids, Mich. The amount was one hundred dollars, and it was due in two weeks. We had no way of getting the money; and, realizing the promises of God to be reliable, we laid the matter before the Lord in prayer.

At the time, we were holding meetings in the southern part of Michigan. When the answer to prayer came, we wrote home to wife, telling her that we had the evidence beyond every possibility of a doubt, that the Lord would send the money in time.

In a few days, we received a letter from a brother in Texas, whom we had only met but once, saying that he was impressed to send us fifty dollars; which was enclosed in the letter. In a short time twenty-five dollars were received from a friend in our own state. The balance came in smaller sums.

At the time the obligation was due, the money was on hand, and we praised God for his special help in a time of need.

- Editor

Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to Prayer - 1893

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