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Miss Carrie Webb's Story of Her Restoration to Health by Prayer

Miss Carrie C. Webb, who believes that she experienced faith-cure recently, while sojourning at Northport, L.I., has returned to her home, 416 Gold-street, Brooklyn, and many friends and neighbors have called to see her, and hear her remarkable story.

She is twenty-three years old, and of slender form. She has been a teacher in the Hanson Place Baptist Church for several years, and her father is a deacon in the Bedford Avenue Baptist Church, whose venerable pastor, the Rev. Dr. Hutchings, with many members of his congregation, are firm believers in the efficacy of prayer in removing disease.

Two months ago Miss Webb went to spend the summer at her brother’s house, in Northport, and her condition, physically and mentally, was such that her friends never expected to see her come back alive. She has, however, returned, with her mind bright and clear, and her health apparently fully restored. This is Miss Webb’s explanation of how the change was brought about:

“I had been declining in health for nearly seven years, suffering constantly from bronchitis and a severe cough. My mind became affected, and I had strange and uncontrollable fancies, and became morbid and despondent. I was at last attacked with neuralgia, and often prayed that I might die, as I became a burden to my family. One day soon after I arrived at Northport and while I was lying on a lounge in the library, at my brother’s house, my eye lighted on a book on the faith-cure. I read it.

That same afternoon my brother asked me if I had ever thought of faith-cure, and told him about the book-incident, adding that I had never thought of it in connection with myself. I said, I did not think I had sufficient faith to receive such a blessing. He told me to think over and pray about the matter; and three days after I went to him and told him I was ready to be anointed. My brother sent for the Presbyterian minister of the village, and when he arrived, we went into the library. The service was very impressive, and I wept all the time it was going on, and when he was pouring oil on my head. I did not feel any better the next day, but rather worse.

“Just one week after the anointing I awoke in unusual pain, and prayed to God to let me die. Then I suddenly thought it would be better for me to pray for health; and I prayed, and cried, for three hours. Finally, when I arose and stood erect, I felt a sensation of health and strength I had not known for seven long years. I realized that I was well again, and that my prayers had been answered. Not only had my pains all vanished, but the cloud also disappeared from my mind. The cure was genuine and complete. I have not had a pain or ache since that morning of prolonged prayer.”

New York Sun

Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to Prayer

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