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A Great Revival in a Single Night

Solomon Benjamin Shaw 1854 - 1941 Editor of Touching Incidents & Remarkable Answers to Prayer

One of the most remarkable experiences we have had in seventeen years of evangelistic work, occurred in the spring of 1890. It will be remembered that at this time the United Brethren Church was sadly divided on the secrecy question, and in many places two pastors were employed-one by the “Liberals “ and another by the “Radicals” of the same congregation.

In our travels we stopped to visit an old friend, who was the “Radical” pastor in such a place as these to whom we have referred. We had no thought of stopping only over the Sabbath, and never did we get into a place where the people had less anticipations of a revival. Much hard feeling had existed, and many unkind, unchristian things had been said and done.

Sunday evening our friend invited us to preach for him. God gave us unusual liberty in prayer and in preaching His word, and opened the very windows of heaven, and showers of blessing fell upon that dry and barren land. In spite of circumstances so utterly forbidding, in one short hour, the people found themselves in the midst of a powerful revival. We never witnessed so much confession in so short a time. Many in tears asked each other’s forgiveness, and then came to the altar together, and prayed that they might regain their first love; and God heard and answered their prayers. The “Liberal” pastor was not present, but the “Liberal” presiding-elder was; and he and the “Radical” pastor had had little confidence in each other; but under ‘the mighty power of the Spirit, their hearts were united, and they embraced each other in tears.

Thus did God manifest His power, and get to His own name glory; and to Him alone be praise, both now and forever, for in His hands are the hearts of the children of men.

- Editor (S. B. Shaw)

Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to Prayer - 1893

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