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Show Me the Doctor

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

A man, blind from his birth a man of much intellectual vigor, and with many engaging social qualities, found a woman who, appreciating his worth, was willing to cast in her lot with him, and become his wife. Several bright, beautiful children became theirs, who tenderly and equally loved both their parents.

An eminent French surgeon, while in this country, called upon them, and, examining the blind man with much interest and care, said to him "Your blindness is wholly artificial; your eyes are naturally good; and if I could have operated upon them twenty years ago, I think I could have given you sight. It is barely possible that I can do it now, though it will cause you much pain.

"I can bear that,” was the reply, “so you but enable me to see.”

The surgeon operated upon him, and was gradually successful. First there were faint glimmerings of light; then more distinct vision. The blind father was handed a rose he had smelled one before but had never seen one. Then he looked upon the face of his wife, who had been so true and faithful to him; and then his children were brought, whom he had so often embraced, and whose charming prattle had so frequently fallen upon his ears.

He then exclaimed: “Oh, why have I seen all of these before inquiring for the man by whose skill I have been enabled to behold them! Show me the doctor.” And when he was pointed out to him, he embraced him, with tears of gratitude and joy.

So, when we reach heaven, and with unclouded eyes look upon its glories, we shall not be content with a view of these. No; we shall say: “Where is Christ? He to whom I am indebted for what heaven is? Show me him, that with all my soul I may adore and praise him through endless ages.” -- Selected.

Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to Prayer - 1893

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