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Instantaneously Healed

Brother E. B. Williams, of Warren, Ill., writes us of instantaneous recovery of a woman in answer to prayer as follows:

“In the year 1830, in the town of Shelby, Orleans county N.Y., a woman of middle age lay very sick for a time under the doctor’s care without any benefit and pronounced by all as incurable.

As I was praying one morning in church, without thinking of the case, there came a voice to me from some source which was as distinct as a man could speak, saying: ‘Go, and pray with and for that woman.’ I went to her home the next week, and tried to make her comfortable. She was apparently in a dreamy state.

I left the house without prayer, and thought no more of it, until a day or two after, when father and I went to the same place on business. She saw me and beckoned me to come to her, and I did so.

She whispered to me, asking why I did not pray for her the other day, and added: “Something told me thee came to pray for me,’ (she was a Quaker.) I told her I was sent to do so, but diffidence and timidity prevented at that time. I felt no call to pray then but a day or two after, while I was alone and going by the place, without thought on the subject, the words came to me again, as plain as man could speak them: ‘Go, and pray for that woman.’

I went in, and called the family together and while we engaged in prayer, an invisible power was felt by all in the house, and that woman was healed at once, and was well.”

Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to Prayer - 1893

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