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How Three Sunday-School Children Met Their Fate

When the Lawrence Mills were on fire a number of years ago—I don’t mean on fire, but when the mill fell in—the great mill fell in, and after it had fallen in, the ruins caught fire. There was only one room left entire, and in it were three Mission Sunday-school children imprisoned.

The neighbors and all hands got their shovels, and picks, and crowbars, and were working to set the children free. It came on night, and they had not yet reached the children. When they were near them, by some mischance a lantern broke, and the ruins caught fire. They tried to put it out, but could not succeed. They could talk with the children, and even pass to them some coffee and some refreshments, and encourage them to keep up. But, alas, the flames drew nearer and nearer to this prison.

Superhuman were the efforts made to rescue the children; the men bravely fought back the flames; hut the fire gained fresh strength, and returned to claim its victims. Then piercing shrieks arose when the spectators saw that the efforts of the firemen were hopeless.

The children saw their fate. They then knelt down and commenced to sing the little hymn we have all been taught in our Sunday school days, oh! How sweet “Let others seek a home below, which flames devour and waves overflow.” The flames had now reached them; the stifling smoke began to pour into their little room, and they began to sink, one by one, upon the floor.

A few moments more and the fire circled around them, and their souls were taken into the bosom of Christ. Yes, let others seek a home below if they will, but seek ye the Kingdom of God with all your hearts. —Moody’s Anecdotes

Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to Prayer - 1893

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